Senior Pet Care

On average, any pet over the age of 7 is more at risk for certain types of illnesses.

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Senior Pet Care

We follow routine exams with blood work, blood pressure monitoring, x-rays, and other necessary diagnostics to look for common conditions in older pets. We want your pets to age gracefully with fewer health risks!

Diet is essential for senior pets. Their needs change, so they should be fed a senior diet. It is also crucial to feed them with high-quality food. Many pets start to get picky as they age, so owners must monitor how much their pets eat.

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It is also imperative that senior pets are examined regularly, even more than once a year, if possible. It is necessary to keep an eye on their weight and body condition. Your veterinarian may be able to notice a problem with your pet before you do!

Regular blood work with a urinalysis should be done to review specific values. This will help catch any problems early. It is essential to check to make sure that your pet’s kidneys and liver is working correctly. You are also looking for early signs of diabetes, cancer, and other potential problems. If possible, a thyroid panel should be done.

Arthritis is a widespread problem with older pets. Here at Animal Doctors, we have many different options to make your senior pet more comfortable. Did you know laser therapy can help with arthritis?

If you have any questions about the care of your senior pet, please contact us today. One of our dedicated staff will help you answer your questions.

The Benefits for Your Senior Pet

  • Enhanced Quality of Life: Our senior pet care is designed to enhance your pet’s overall quality of life. From pain management to lifestyle adjustments, we focus on maintaining their vitality and happiness.
  • Early Detection of Age-Related Conditions: Regular check-ups enable us to detect age-related conditions early, allowing for prompt intervention and treatment. This proactive approach can significantly improve the prognosis for many senior pet health issues.
  • Pain Management: Arthritis, often referred to as osteoarthritis or OA, and other age-related conditions can cause discomfort. Our veterinarians specialize in pain management, ensuring that your pet remains comfortable and active. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your pet.
  • Emotional Well-Being: The golden years may bring about changes in behavior or mood. Our team is attuned to the emotional needs of senior pets, providing the love and care necessary for their emotional well-being.